Harness Racing Alumni Show
Freddie Hudson
Trade Martin
Bob Marks
We had technical recording issues with the May 23rd show featuring Larry Rolla, which forced us to go with a short version of the intended half hour show. We will air two shows featuring Larry Rolla over the next few weeks. Next weeks guests (May 30th) are Jason Settlemoir of the Meadowlands and Staci Hancock of the Water Hay Oats Alliance.  

May 23rd Show featuring Larry Rolla

"The Harness Racing Alumni Show is a unique broadcast about current horse racing which will bring real news and a world of issues that are the main concerns of everyone in the harness & thoroughbred industry. It will also feature expert discussions on equine conditioning, training, driving, veterinary care, racing integrity, fan promotion, race track surface & barn conditions. We also will offer a weekly update on the Standard-bred Retirement Foundation."

May 16, 2019 - Shawn Smeallie of the Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity is interviewed by Freddie, Trade and Bob

​May 10, 2019 - show on Kentucky Derby & lasix